Chiropractics: A Life Adjustment


Going to a doctor, or any other medical professional’s office for a check-up has always been somewhat of a difficulty for me. I am a very healthy person and, if I don’t feel a problem in my body, I won’t go to a doctor to check it out. I recently realized there was a recurring pain in my neck.  It would pop up and cause hell for a week, then go away. Finally, I decided that enough was enough, and that I definitely had to do something about it. If you read my previous post, Stress Is Never Worth It, you’ll see a snap shot of what my first visit to a chiropractor’s office was like. Now, after four treatments, or “adjustments”, I am feeling great with no neck problem. During these visits I noticed just how important these chiropractic visits have proved to be. I also realized that these visits do not necessarily need to occur to fix an injury, but rather to prevent one. Let me explain…

The very first thing a good chiropractor does before ever touching a patient is to take X-Rays of them. Wouldn’t you feel much more at ease knowing that the doctor has something visual to go off of before they begin moving around your bones? I sure did, and I didn’t mind paying the extra $30 or so for it.  After the X-Rays were done being taken, we finally got down to the nitty-gritty of putting the bones into the places where they needed to be. The chiropractor explained to me that if I went to a normal doctor, I would have been prescribed some pain-killing medication that would work to just cover the sensation of pain. What kind of help is that? There is no correction going on with pain-killers, so why would you ever choose to go that route? As he continued to explain, if I did not choose to get my neck adjusted, the displacement of the disks in my neck would have only gotten worse. By having a disk in my neck out of place, a gap formed between two bones. If I were to have waited to get the adjustment, there would have been a great possibility of a calcium build-up in that gap. That build-up eventually could have lead to arthritis of the neck. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound like fun!

Visit after visit, adjustment after adjustment, I began to feel much better. In fact, each time you get another part of your body adjusted, it strengthens the muscle tissue around it. After a few adjustments, your muscles strengthen to push and keep your bones in place. This is where the preventative chiropractic work comes into play.

Have you ever wondered why professional athletes are able to perform at peak levels day after day, usually staying injury-free? Many factors play into this, but a big one is chiropractics. Although chiropractics can help to fix injuries, such as mine, the huge benefit is in the preventative aspect. Having routine adjustments to your body clearly reduces the chances for future injuries. The job description of a chiropractor explains that they are responsible for ensuring that a patient’s bones and joints are in the positions they are meant to be in, period. It only makes sense that your body will function more efficiently when aligned properly. By visiting the chiropractor, you can take X-Rays of your entire body to see just how properly aligned you really are. Mine told me that it is very common to see people with spines that sway back and forth, forming an almost “S” shape. Now you can see why a majority of middle-aged people complain about back pain. If caught early, this problem can be adjusted very simply and corrected. So, this way you won’t have to worry about your back falling apart when you turn 40. I think by now you get the picture.

Getting the courage to visit the chiropractor, and sucking up to the fact that you’ll hear your bones move, is very difficult, it proved to be one of the best things that I have chosen to do to my body, ever. If you have not visited one yet in your life, at the very least go to get a general adjustment. Huge amounts of tension will be released through this, and you’ll end up feeling a lot more flexible and active. These adjustments take only a few minutes and a few bucks, so what’s the harm in that? It’s your body and you’re going to have to live with it, so why not treat it the best you can.

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