Moderate Drinking vs. No Drinking: Who’s The Winner?


The decision to drink or not to drink is most often answered with, “Do I want to be unhealthy or healthy?” Many people tend to answer this question without much knowledge backing it; their verdict is determined by seeing the destruction it causes from news reports on TV or seeing the addictions that can come from indulging too much. Many people have not researched that there are actually benefits to drinking. The key to this equation is moderation.

What Is Moderation?

Depending in which part of the world, the amount of drinks per day can vary. In America, it is very common to determine two drinks per day as being moderate. Of course, moderation is also figured into your body mass and how alcohol effects you. Traveling down to Australia or parts in Europe, moderation is looked as high as about four drinks per day. This just shows you how wide spread this idea is, but it is still definitely an amount that is determined on a personal level.

  • One drink is equal to a 12 oz. can or bottle of beer, or
  • One shot of alcohol, either mixed or straight, or
  • One 5 oz glass of wine

With this moderation, researchers have said that the consumption of alcohol in this manner betters your health and increases longevity. Keeping the balance is the most important factor in all of this. Too much alcohol can be very harmful and produce many long-term effects in the body. But, surprisingly, studies have shown that those that are abstainers to alcohol do not have the health advantages that moderate drinkers have. More often than not, those that have a moderate drinking habit are more self-controlled than those that don’t drink and those that drink excessively. Moderate drinkers are normally more active and can show constraint in many other aspects in their life. Finding that healthy medium is the goal of the game.

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