The Good In Beer


Well it’s Friday again, so it’s time to bring back the topic of alcohol. Each Friday I think I’ve decided to have a new quirk on the subject since some of us like to “relax” a little more on the weekends. I started with last week’s post, The Hangover Cureall?, pointing out what actually goes on during a hangover, along with a method to try and remedy them.

This week I was thinking about what actual advantages coming from drinking beer in moderation, of course. I did a little research and to my surprise, came up with some interesting points. There have been numerous studies that have proved that drinking beer (normally darker the better) shows very similar advantages that red wine gives to our bodies. We have all heard that drinking a glass of red wine with dinner actually helps make a more efficient heart, now the same with beer can be said. Red wine and beer contain a very similar amount of antioxidants, but a giant 4-5 times more than white wine. Getting rid of those cancer-causing free-radicals has never been so fun!

Another study conducted by the Texas Southwestern Medical Center shows that those who consume a moderate one to two beers a day have a 30-40% lower rate of getting coronary heart disease compared to non-drinkers. Along with this, those moderate drinkers can enjoy knowing that they have a 20% less chance of getting a stroke, which unfortunately is a leading cause of death in America. No matter what beer you prefer: the wheats, pale ales, stouts, ambers, lagers, or even those bitter ones, you’re receiving these great benefits, in moderation of course!

Interesting Beer Facts

  • It’s cholesterol and fat-free
  • It helps prevent heart disease and aides in circulation of the body
  • It’s a depressant, so it relaxes the body and helps rid stress
  • Beers are nutritious if consumed in moderation
  • It helps you sleep easier

Many believe that by being a very athletic person, beer should be completely cut out from the diet. If beer is consumed in a very moderate manner, each beer can be worked off very easily. Since an average beer consists of about 250 calories in a 8-12 ounce serving, this should not throw off an athlete’s training plan. With this moderation, even those who do not have a rigorous workout schedule would be easily able to burn it off through normal daily routines.

The last two times I have run a half-marathon, I have seen groups of people with shirts that read “I Run For Beer”. Obviously these people have the right idea that running and a moderated beer consumption can go hand in hand. As long as you have a healthy diet and have the ability to limit yourself when a beer comes into the picture, you shouldn’t have a problem. Beer and a being healthy aren’t incompatible!

  • Beer can be good for you yes, just like red wine. It’s full of antioxidants, however please keep in mind that used in excess nothing is good for you. It is afterall a depressant and too much is never a good thing.

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