Clearer Thinking With Alcohol

beermug.jpgLookie here, it’s another Friday! That means I’m going to continue with my tid bits of information about alcohol and your health. The past two weeks I have kept a theme on Fridays that somehow pertains to alcohol, just as a nice way to begin the weekend. Many of us find the end of the week as a great time to relax and occasionally drink a few alcoholic beverages to unwind and smooth over the problems formed throughout the week. As discussed in earlier posts, such as Moderate Drinking vs. No Drinking: Who’s The Winner?, drinking alcohol in moderation can prove to be very enjoyable and beneficial to your body. As there are many benefits to drinking, there are definitely negative aspects as well. If drank in moderation there are numerous benefits that stem from alcohol, and we’ll keep on that end of the spectrum today with the topic: Alcohol can actually help strengthen your mind.

When thinking of alcohol, it is sometimes difficult to grasp the benefits because of the long-lasting negative connotations we have grown up around. As reported in the news from a recent study, researchers have found that the consumption of alcohol on a regular basis by women can lead to a higher risk of breast cancer. I have not yet done extensive research on this topic, but with each drink the percentage of risk raises dramatically. These heavy disadvantages can definitely outweigh the gains in alcohol, but knowing each side of the scale is never a bad thing.

Studies have also shown that with moderate drinking, your thinking can become much more clear and actually strengthen your memory. In these studies, produced by the American Journal of Epidemiology, it showed that women respond better to the drinking than men. They suggest that drinking two glasses of either wine or beer per day can, overtime, increase blood flow to the brain and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. As a result of this, memory levels become clearer and stronger. Memory loss is said to be much less common with those that drink moderately. The Journal says, “Frequent drinking may be more beneficial than drinking only on special occasions.”

The moderation we’re talking about here is such:

  • For women and those over 65, no more than one drink per day
  • For men under 65, don’t drink more than two drinks per day

The ones that drink more than this at a constant rate have to learn and limit themselves. With this bad personal nutrition, over drinking can lead to brain damage, memory loss, and worst of all, dementia. With some self-restraint and will-power, those disadvantages can easily be turned into good.

In no way am I condoning to begin drinking if you don’t already. These posts about the relationship of alcohol to our health is simply to spread the word of the pros and cons of drinking. Please do not solely base your decisions off of the information given in this blog, as I am mainly delivering the news to you, the reader, so we can all be aware and share this knowledge with everyone. Thank you for reading, like always, and be sure to check out all of the previous Friday posts.

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