Fire, Fire, Everywhere…

Today has been a pretty crazy/scary/unreal/murky/bloodcurdling and any other adjective, of a day. Unless you have lived in San Diego or any place in Southern California, you understand how devastating a wildfire, or five can do. This is exactly what has happened in mine and Matt’s hometown of San Diego yesterday, throughout today, and likely further into the week. I am sorry for the lack of posts over the past few days, but this situation at home has certainly spun our world around. If you have not heard of the horrible situation occurring in San Diego, check out this article (link no longer available). All of the news stations here are reporting that the multiple fires burning in our county are making this situation the worst fire devastation we’ve seen. I have watched the television almost all day and have witnessed house after house burn down in a matter of 5 minutes. With over 500 homes destroyed, it is amazing how volatile this situation is and how vulnerable every location in San Diego actually is. My house is located in between two massive fires that have combined to burn more than 300 square miles, and surprisingly, I think I’m in one of the safest locations. So far, where I’m located it looks like it is serving as a small buffer zone between the two fires. As I am sitting here tonight writing this, I am hearing the 60+ mph wind gusts outside my windows and am fearing that those fires can come creeping in overnight; the fires are supposed to burn all the way to the ocean, but we’ll see about that.

I will try and post tomorrow, but depending on the situation in my neck of the woods, we’ll see what the morning will bring. Check out some of these pictures below and actually see what some of these families are coming home to find after they have been evacuated. They really make you cherish what you often take for granted.





  • Hey, good luck – it looks terrible on the TV, so I hope you and everyone there comes out of it OK. It’s amazing how you can plan and organize and then Mother Nature can pop up and say “forget all your plans.” Good luck!

  • Thanks for the support – it’s starting to get better over here now, luckily. You’re so right about planning out here – it all just seems to go out the window and people start panicking. It’s a crazy place out here right now. Yikes!

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