Kombucha Teas and What They Can Do



Many of us have never heard of kombucha teas; I know I never have when I started working part-time in health food stores. This 2,000+ year old tea is beginning to gain popularity in the today’s popular culture. Thanks to such celebrity greats like Lindsay Lohan *sarcasm* who was seen drinking it after coming out of rehab, big-name kombucha drinks are becoming much more well-known. Take a look around your local health food stores and choose from a great variety of these ancient teas.Before drinking this tea, you might be a little suspect of the visible floating pieces and chunks within. Nothing to worry about, it’s just the natural black teas that have been fermented with a harmless yeast-fungi with the use of Manchurian mushrooms. Now are you a little freaked out? Stick with me here, there are some great benefits that come from it. These drinks are normally carbonated and come in a range of different hints of flavors… I’ve even had one that tasted very similar to root beer. Kombucha sometimes tastes similar to wine with flavorings of vinegar, but nothing unbearable. The initial taste may not be completely pleasing, but when drank on a daily basis, the taste is very pleasing. There is normally a 1-2 cup serving size per day, so there’s not much harm in that!Here are some of the reported health benefits that have been experienced over the last 2,000 years:

  • Body fat reducer and metabolism stabilizer
  • Energy booster
  • Improved circulation
  • Helps with asthma and relieves congestion in airways
  • Helps to detoxify the liver and other organs
  • Strengthens hair and restores color
  • Increases sex drive
  • Helps with skin aging
  • Aids digestion with the stomach and intestines
  • Improves eyesight
  • Much more…

I would give these kombucha teas a shot. It’s not just for the crazy athlete or tree-huggers out there, it’s becoming a family name drink. With such a wide range of great flavors and brands to choose from, try something new. If you do, or have had them in the past, post a comment and tell us what you think of them!

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