Reaping the Benefits of Dark Chocolate


Halloween has arrived, or past for some, and has left its remnants of candy all over.  This day felt like heaven for many of us when we were younger and did anything we could to get a hold of some good sweets!  Now (imagining that most of the reader group are creeping out of that stage) we are less likely to scour for that candy.  Although most of the candy out there is pure sugar, sugar, and more sugar, there are some very healthy goodies you can get your hands on.  If you are a chocolate lover, life has never felt so good…Dark chocolate has proved itself to be a very beneficial candy, according to many studies.  The reason why dark chocolate is better than the rest, sugar and milk chocolates, is because it is the most natural, if not, organic.  Dark chocolate is made with more cocoa solids than the milk or white chocolates.  The cocoa bean is the foundation of chocolate, and dark chocolate is only bringing it right back to its natural state.  With these great natural qualities within, dark chocolates have shown to have even 8 times more antioxidants than strawberries!  These antioxidants, just as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, help the body get rid of its harmful toxins and protects itself from possible heart disease and cancers.

For those out there that worry about consuming dark chocolate because of the calorie count and other nutritional qualities, you can stop now!  Dark chocolate, on average, have less calories, more fiber, less carbohydrates, and less chlorestrol.  Studies have shown that dark chocolate limit LDL (bad chlorestrol) and help increase HDL (the good chlorestrol) because of its natural high cocoa butter level.  Within each bar, there are also trace amounts of vitamins A, B1, C, D, E, and a naturally high level of magnesium, which helps protect us from heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes.  If all of these great qualities weren’t enough, to see these benefits, you only have to eat about 60 calories of dark chocolate.  I don’t think this will break the calorie bank of most people, so why don’t you just grab for the nearest dark chocolate bar and take a bite, just don’t overindulge!  Fight the urge!!!

More and more tests are being done to see the benefits of dark chocolate.  This is a hot topic in health and candies these days, so keep your eyes on the news.  Dark chocolate isn’t the most appealing type of chocolate, (it wasn’t for me) but there are tons of variations out there to choose from.  Become an addict of dark chocolates and see what good will come of it!   

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