The Best Links Ever… For The Week


Oh, it’s Wednesday, the day that we all focus on work… or something like that. Well, as you make it through the last half of the work week, I’ve come up with my weekly list of great posts for you to check out. Maybe you’ll find some helpful tips for making the day go easier, or maybe some quirky fact that you’ve never heard of. Whatever it may be, check out the awesome list of sites that I’ve frequented over the week and tell them, and me, what you think of them all. Here we go…

  • At the Ririan Project site there is a very helpful post that shows methods to keep your mind at tip-top shape. Read 22 Research-Proven Tips for Better Memory and learn of some new ideas you’ve never heard of.
  • I had to list another from the Ririan Project. Right along with all of their influential posts, All-Day Vitality: How to Fight Fatigue Morning, Noon, and Night points out methods to prevent that sluggish feeling throughout the day.
  • Here is a nifty little comparison of dieting tips that go hand-in-hand with getting yourself out of debt. They don’t seem in common, but check out Zen Habit’s post, Fiscal Fitness: Eliminate Debt with 10 Successful Diet Principles.
  • In the post, The Relaxifying Secret to Success, The Positivity Blog discusses tips and advantages of focusing on the process of difficult situations, rather than the possible obstacles that would hold you back. Great tips!
  • Over at Diethack, the post, Do You Need Supplements? squares up some questions that we might have about popping the next pill. If you have a routine of taking supplements, such as myself, check out this site and see what you might not have known.
  • That’s Fit wrote a short article about how bone density can be increased by drinking tea. Check out Drink Tea, Slow Down That Bone Loss over there and also check out my previous post about other tea benefits.
  • I first heard this on the news yesterday, but check out He’s Fit’s article, Bad Marriages Not Good for the Heart. Some new studies are pointed out here that show bad relationships can do a lot of harm to your heart.
  • There’s a lot of these do’s I don’t do, and don’ts I do do. If I just confused you, head over to Her Active Life and read the post, Strength Training Do’s and Don’ts.
  • At Live Life… Organics and Your Health, there is a very informative article about how magnesium not only gives the body many advantages, but it is necessary. Check out Why Do We Need Magnesium and see what it’s all about.

That’s it for the weekly list of great reads, but while you’re at it, check out Matt’s post at How I Will Be Rich, Enthusiasm is the Way to Success. He shows how you can get very excited about something in your life if you take the time to appreciate the topic and fully understand its ins and outs. Other than that, leave some comments on all of these awesome blogs, I’m sure they’d love to see what you think!

  • Thanks for giving me some good weekend reading! I am familiar with some of the sites you linked to (like Doris’), but plenty of new sites, too.

    Have a great week.

  • Thanks for checking it out, Char. There are some great sites out there, I find new ones every week.

    Have a good one.

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