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If you missed it, yesterday was Blog Action Day. It was a day where over 15,000 blogs came together to write a post in their genre about the environment. Check out my post and Matt’s at How I Will Be Rich if you haven’t already. There were so many great insights brought upon by a range of bloggers. It sure was a great feeling to see so many people join together to share their thoughts on a topic that is so popular today. Today, just as Matt has done, I want to spotlight ten seven of my favorite healthy related blogs that caught my eye during Blog Action Day. Check ’em out…

Surprisingly it was very difficult to find some good posts about the environment and health.  I thought blogs like that would be all over the place, but I guess it just isn’t as popular as all the topics of recycling and reusing, which of course are very important as well.  I think this list of seven holds up to my normal weekly ten hot links.

Be sure to leave some feedback for all the writers out there!

  • Thank you very much for sharing my post about the environment! That isn’t a topic that I write about frequently, yet I found it very easy to come up with simple and effective ways that everyone could do their part.

    It all boils down to just making the effort, and by helping to spread the word about some of the good posts that came out on Blog Action Day, you are doing exactly that. Thanks!

  • Hey thanks for the link back to Bicycle I really appreciate it.

    I was also a bit surprised to find a lack of bicycle related environmental information. I couldn’t hardly find any hard numbers about much of what I thought should be out there. I think maybe its because encironmental issues are still a new topic to the majority. People just haven’t been as worried about it until the last few years.

  • Thanks for the mention, Joe! I appreciate it. Just like Aaron, environment is not the kind of topic I usually write, but it’s very interesting.

  • Joe Fier

    You guys are all very welcome! I agree with each of you that writing and spreading the word about the environment is one of the most important things we can do these days. Blog Action Day was an awesome start, but we should continue to think in this manner on a daily basis. I don’t think that most of us know much on this subject, but with all of us spreading the word, we’ll definitely get something out of it!

  • I’m sorry for being a little late but thanks for the mention! 🙂

  • Haha, no problem, Gyanish. You’ve got an awesome site so it’s very easy to mention. Keep it rockin’!

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