Getting Back to the Gym and Staying With It


I found this great article over at that gives tips on getting back to the gym and staying with it. A lot of people buy gym memberships or workout equipment with the absolute best intentions to get back in to shape. You get in to it for a while and then, all of the sudden, you get sidetracked. Work becomes too hectic, school is to overwhelming, you get sick and take some time off… What ever the reason, you stop going. Then what happens? All of the sudden working out or getting the gym is a huge burden in your life. A month ago, you made time for it and now all of the sudden you can’t squeeze it in anywhere. Your life didn’t get crazier. You just lost the motivation.

This article is a great article that gives 15 tips to keep that motivation. One of the tips that I find extremely beneficial is to work with a partner. When you work with someone else, the two of you are constantly motivating each other to get back on track.

You can read the full article here.

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