The Super Juice: 23 Reasons Why To Eat or Drink Acai Berries


Many of us have not heard of the Brazilian superfruit, Açai, but it’s making a statement rather quickly in America these days. I have been working in natural food stores for the past two years and have seen a massive grown interest in this Amazon fruit. I am going to introduce this fruit in a little different way, by giving it’s extensive benefits and reasons why you should pick up a bottle or frozen puree today! (I’m not getting any commission on this stuff, I just absolutely love it.) If you don’t already know the rundown and history of this soon-to-be berry that overtakes America and the world, just wait until tomorrow. After tasting this berry and reading all of the endless benefits, just say goodbye to those blueberries–there’s a new, better, and more flavorful antioxidant in town!!!First, for us not so literate in Portuguese, Açai is pronounced: AH-sci-EEGreat for the body:

  • Stress relief- the acai berry helps regulate stress levels and repairs the body.
  • Detoxifies and cleanses the body- For centuries, Brazilians have used the berry to cleanse the body of contaminants.
  • Increase of stamina & energy- Acai’s vast amounts of nutrients have helped provide athletes and surfers in Brazil with the energy and stamina that’s needed for such strenuous activities.
  • Builds a strong body with lots of protein- Acai helps the build build itself up with the essential protein that keeps us ticking. It also has much more protein than an average egg.
  • Anti-aging berry- The berry holds some of the highest amounts of antioxidants, so it keeps the body’s cells in tip-top condition.

Skin Care:

  • Defends from wrinkles- With its high levels of anthocyanins and phytosterols, acai helps protect connective tissues.
  • Improves skin tone- The high naturally-occurring amount of phytosterols helps protect the skin’s protective coating, leaving its natural beauty!

The digestive system:

  • Improved digestion- Its high fiber levels help improve the digestive tract, along with the colon, leaving it nice and healthy.
  • Helps with acid-reflux disease- All of its antioxidants help reducing the acidity of stomach contents and help repair and protect the esophagus.

Men and women hot points:

  • Helps prevent prostate enlargement (Men)- Once again, the high level of antioxidants help fight the possibility of an enlarged prostate. This is a growing concern in males, so this wouldn’t be a bad prevention method.
  • Menstrual cycles (Women)- Acai’s very calcium-rich, which helps protect the stomach’s and uterus’ lining, which also helps reduce the pain of cramps and bloating.

Healthy heart and diabetes:

  • Controls weight- The low glycemic index level helps controls the body’s appetite and delays hunger. This helps those trying to lose weight, who also get cravings to eat snacks throughout the day.
  • Reduced bad cholesterol- Acai’s high fatty acids help lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and supports HDL (good) cholesterol, which also leads to better overall circulation.
  • Resistance to disease- Acai’s a great fruit to have around during flu season! All of the vast amounts of natural nutrients in acai helps strengthen the body’s natural defenses.
  • Glucose and lipid levels- The very low glycemic index improves lipid and glucose levels in people with diabetes.
  • Fends off free-radicals- Antioxidants in the berry help to rid these free-radicals which causes immune weakness.

Disease Fighting:

  • Fights arthritis pain- Natural anti-inflammatory properties offer relief for people with arthritis.
  • Beats up asthma- Acai is packed with vitamin C, which is an antioxidant that serves as an anti-inflammatory to those with asthma.

Other great facts:

  • Helps with sleep- Acai’s vitamin B’s help reduce stress and helps enable brain cells to communicate much easier.
  • Improves clear thinking- Its Omega-3 fats are essential to get the brain’s mental functions and alertness to it’s top peak.
  • Aids with vision- The natural beta carotene and vitamins promotes eye health and other degeneration in diabetics.
  • Maintains good looking teeth and gums- The high calcium level helps strengthen and whiten teeth, along with preventing gingivitis and other gum diseases.
  • It’s just oh so awesome!

Hopefully at least a few of those acai benefits sparked your attention enough for you to drive down to the store and pick some up. It comes in many forms: juice, berries, powder, frozen puree, and more!Tune in tomorrow to get the overall rundown of the acai berry to see exactly what it’s all about.Check out the banner link I’ve provided below, this is a simple and free way to get some acai right away!  There are also some other offers that they throw in for free as well.

  • valerie

    does this product help with stomach bloatting,does it help you lose weight?

  • I have just recently been using acai in a liquid mix from a food market chain for a small amount of time. If the stuff could be obtained in even additional potent strength then it actually is like viagra. I have been drinking about 6 oz of this rasberry/acai mix for about two weeks and have woke up in the morning with erections for the last week. I’m not used to this as I’m pushing 59 yo. I do have less joint discomfort and my endurance is improved,too. I have been shoveling snow for this entire week and it really is less difficult than I expected it to be. I credit it towards the acai as rasberries by no means did this before. I’m in search of a excellent reliable source of the frozen fruit as how good is the freeze dried kind and can it be trusted to perform as nicely as the fresh,frozen fruit?

  • My boyfriend and I started taking these. He said he noticed a difference in weight after about a week. I have less fat to lose and I am now seeing a difference at about 3 weeks in. I am very happy with the product. I wouldn’t say I am less hungry than before, but for some reason the fat is leaving my stomach, and my energy lasts through my long days.

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