The Power of Magnets and Your Body

Hey all. I know it’s about a week late, but I hope everyone had great holidays and an awesome New Year. I decided to take a break during this time to do a bunch of things. It’s been a holiday vacation full of great people, food, relaxation, traveling around, and finally being able to get some things done. The only downer during all of these good times is the cold that I have been battling for the past week. I haven’t had one in over a year and a half, so it was a rude awakening to what I have been missing out on!

For Christmas, I was given something really interesting and unique. Since I come from a family full of golfing addicts, I am constantly surrounded with brand new gadgets and other items that help improve their game. This particular item I was given is called the Trion :Z ionic/magnetic bracelet. It is a simple looking elastic-style bracelet that sits snug around the wrist and acts to improve the balance of the body’s electricity by using magnets. I thought this was a really interesting concept, so I did a little research about it. Check out what I found out and why it might be something for you to look into…

Why to consider wearing an ionic/magnetic bracelet.

Believe it or not, our personalities and ways we live day in and day out are largely influenced by ions. There are positive and negative ions that surround us daily, both having very different effects on our bodies.
Negative ions are generally naturally occurring and are produced by plants, rivers, and the other elements of the great outdoors. These ions influence us to have a generally more relaxed and at ease feeling. No wonder so many of us love to escape to the mountains to camp in the wilderness just to escape the crazy modern life.

Positive ions are the complete opposite. These are ions that are largely produced by the various electronics that surround us each day. Elements ranging from computers, cell phones, factory machinery, televisions, and more add positive ions to our systems. Unfortunately, the positive ion name is deceiving . With the influence of these positive ions onto the system, we feel much more fatigued, stressed out, lose sleep, and have a generally much more difficult time functioning during the day. As we are surrounded by all of these modern elements, our bodies absorb the positive ions and begin to show more influence than the negative ones.

With these two very opposite electric pulls influencing our systems, these new ionic/magnetic bracelets help to balance the two and bring back a much better feeling to the body.

These things might really work!

Finding the balance of electricity in the body and aiding physical and mental functions with the use of magnets have been done since ancient times. Just as with treatments such as acupuncture, magnets help level the chi that the body uses to function to its full capacity. These magnets bring on a healthy and natural way to help alleviate problems that would otherwise be countered with the use of medicines. With these bracelets, the body is brought much closer to its ability to work with as much natural energy as possible.

There are various ionic/magnetic bracelets out there…

I have given my new Trion:Z bracelet a shot because: A. It has a unique design that fully and snugly wraps around with negative ions throughout to help balance the body’s electricity. B. It is much cheaper than the metal and gold ones you see many people wear. And C. It was given to me as a great gift. Check out Trion:Z’s site for more info on their product.

There are the original ionic bracelets, such as the Q-Ray, that offer very similar results. The magnets in these bracelets function a bit differently, but these ones look a little more stylish and supposedly offer a very comfortable fit.

Each of these products are great and natural methods to bring upon energy and balance within your body. For about $30 or less, pick up one of your own and experience it for yourself.

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    So, I’m studying bio mags and how they interact with bodies. Do these bracelets give off positive ions or negative. Because if they are magnets wouldn’t they give off positive ions like it seems because magnets are in all of them things, how does that balance things unless they have more negative then positive it would just enhance the tiredness and etc. Sorry would just like to know, and finding things on the internet is very hard to find stuff relevant.

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