Weight Loss: “Watch Your Thoughts”

Do you have a desire to improve the quality of life you lead? Do you really want to look and feel better than what you are or you were ever before? The answer would most likely be yes from every person.

Now the point is this that why aren’t you getting what you want?  Let’s glance at some of the reasons. Negative thoughts, beliefs, feelings and ideas, ineffective coping skills while dealing with problems, self-defeating behaviors, lack of self-love and forgiveness, ignorance of better ways to achieve your goal, obsessive-compulsive addictions and thoughts.

The main problem is self-defeating cycle. This common cycle of being “good” at sticking to a sensible eating plan and being “bad” when you slip is very frustrating. But when it comes to our favorite food, our self-defeating attitude weakens. Lots of psychologists make out that behavior modification strategies rather than diets can help us break this self-defeating cycle and make it as everlasting lifestyle changes.

What is behavior modification?

It starts with a change in self-talk and thought which then helps us change our attitudes about our eating, our bodies and our weight which ultimately helps us changing our behavior. In language of weight loss, our behavior will be reflected by how we feel inside. When we feel good about ourselves, we start loving our self; we can’t help but be attractive to others. This is the ultimate objective—to feel better about ourselves inside, so that our body and personality will reflect confidence and light to others.

How to win the weight management battle?

When it comes to weight loss, many people are searching for the rapid fixes and the fad diets to come back with their weight problems, when in reality these are the programs that are hindering their weight loss in the long run. To win this weight management battle you need to understand the dynamics of the relationship you have with food. There is always a right and a wrong way to do a thing. Do the right things you will get great results. This battle can be easily won by using the correct knowledge and correct tools.

Stop Dieting:

Do not skip meals. Eating normally throughout the day will stimulate your metabolism. To lose weight, you should eat, or it will result in slowing the rate of metabolism. Skipping meals can decrease your metabolism.

Watch your thoughts:

Do you think “I will never lose weight” or “I feel fat”? Watch for thoughts that are negative or are not supportive of your goals.  Realize that “fat” is not a feeling. Try to exactly make out the emotion that you are having that may be driving your need to eat, overeat, or suffer from low self-esteem. Our thoughts show the way to our actions, so if we can stop our hopeless and self-critical thoughts, we can modify behavior more readily, with more enthusiasm and get what we want.

  • Great article, I’m a great believer in Positive thinking. I do try and practice it all the time. I’m not a lover of diets, I find them quite hard to keep up with, especially when there is so much good food out there. I’m also a Type 1 Diabetic so dieting then the sugar crashes and I eat anything that is around me to bring me back up.

    I have just recently started to drink a “Diet Coffee”, it helps suppress hunger, regulates my sugar level better and helps me lose weight. To date I have just lost under 10lbs, which is not bad since I have only been doing this a month.

    Again Great Post

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