Be Healthy And Relax Is Back

This is more of a personal post than anything else.

Be Healthy And Relax hasn’t been updated since 2011. It started originally in 2007 and, despite the fact that there’s been very few posts over the years, it still attracts a few hundred people every single day.

It’s been such a wasted opportunity.

Over the past few weeks, the website has undergone a redesign, I’ve got writers working on new articles, I’m working on new articles, and, most importantly, I’m really focused on my health and wellbeing once again.

A new logo for the site is in the works and I’m putting together a mailing list that will offer premium resources for members.

It’s an exciting time and big things are in store for this website.

I don’t expect that this post will get much attention but I’m posting anyway so that I can look back at this post. This is a timestamp on the blog so I can look back at when I began refreshing the site and getting things going.

About me…

My name is Matt Wolfe, I’m a full time blogger and online educator and, as of writing this, I’m 32 years old.

Over the coming weeks I will write about my eating habits and my workout routines but here’s the basics…

I’m not too crazy about strict diets because I don’t believe they are sustainable. Instead, I focus on eating clean and healthy most of the time. On the random occasions that I’m at a party or it’s a holiday, I don’t worry about what I’m eating…

I have a few strict rules that I stick by…

1. Drink a ton of water… All day long I have water in front of me.

2. No sodas or sugary drinks.

3. Avoid sweets… Cookies, brownies, cakes, etc… (I cheat for special occasions)

4. Focus on protein. Every meal has protein. Pretty much no exception.

5. Avoid simple carbs like white breads and white pastas. I don’t avoid carbs. Carbs are energy but I do try to avoid simple carbs.

Those are my basic rules and again, I’m not super hardcore about them.

When it comes to exercise, I go to the gym daily. I don’t necessarily think this is for everyone. For me, the daily gym is about routine. I don’t actually lift weights and go hardcore everyday. I go to the gym every day because I don’t want to fall out of my routine. Some days I lift and go really intense and other days, I may just do a jog on the treadmill for 20 minutes and leave. It’s about the habit of getting there everyday for me.

My routines at the gym vary. I’m constantly trying different exercises, different lifts, and different machines. I mix it up a lot to keep things interesting. I’ll get more on my routines in future posts.

Saying all that, I am NOT in great shape right now.

All of this routine and dieting rules are rather new for me. It’s only been a couple weeks since I’ve really started to get serious about all of this again.

This blog will be a personal accountability journal. I’ll share progress and routines and thoughts constantly.

This blog will also be an amazing source of information for everyone as well. There will be other contributors with a ton of expertise writing and creating content for this site. So don’t be thrown off by the fact that I’m just getting back in to this.

I’ll be sharing my journey and what I’m learning along the way but a lot of really smart people will also be sharing information that will help you reach your goals.

So check back often and feel free to jump in the comments below and start a discussion.

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